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A bit about our Skills Methodology approach and our executive team

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We’ve Created A Skills Methodology for the Moments that Matter

Life comes down to a series of moments. Moments that define us. Moments that matter. Moments that we remember. Moments that shape the path we take. Or the path we don’t.  

Sales too comes down to a series of moments. Moments that make or break our deal. A prospect answers a cold call. A pitch meeting goes well. A contract is signed.

Each of these moments is an inflection point. A chance to move the deal forward. A chance to win. Or a chance to lose.

We plan for these moments. We show up prepared. But of course things rarely go according to plan. Someone arrives late. Technology stops working. An executive unexpectedly sits in. An outside force impacts the deal.

When your moment arrives, you need to be ready. Your team needs to be ready. Because there’s no reset button in sales.

That’s where 2Win comes in. We prepare your entire revenue organization for their moment. No matter your industry.

We give your team skills, not just theories. We practice with your real sales opportunities, not mock ones. We help your team create world-class client experiences.

We work with any sales methodology. Because we didn’t build a sales methodology. We built a skills methodology. A skills methodology that helps you make the most of each customer conversation.

Our tools and techniques lead to more effective discovery calls. To more impactful pitches. To more impactful demos. To more impactful presentations. To more meaningful client stories. To more influence with executives. To more successful teams.

To more closed deals.

So when your moment comes, will you be ready to win? Or will someone else win your deal?

Meet Our Executive Team

Dan Conway Headshot

Dan Conway

CEO | Author and Keynote Speaker

Dan is a dynamic, energetic, and seasoned executive with a solid background in managing technology organizations such as yours. Dan understands that the result of successful skill development is an immediate improvement to your win-rate, bookings, and revenue.

Chad Wilson Headshot

Chad Wilson

VP, Operations

Chad is a passionate and servant-hearted executive with a track record of building high-performing teams. He's a proactive leader focused on achieving outstanding client outcomes. Chad enjoys spending time outdoors soaking in Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine with his family.

Ron Kendig Headshot

Ron Kendig

VP, Facilitation and Consulting

High energy and enthusiastic individual managing our Facilitation and Delivery Team. Ron’s world-wide team of Facilitators and Expert Coaches address today’s changing market by helping students lift their soft skills helping them differentiate and engage effectively in any environment.

John Coker

John Coker

VP, Worldwide Sales

John has a passion for coaching and helping others reach their personal and professional goals. He believes that his basketball career at Boise State University, with 4 NBA teams, and in his first software sales role, he was blessed with great teammates, coaches, leaders, and mentors that helped push and mold him into a leader.

Bob Riefstahl

Founder and Author

Bob Riefstahl founded 2Win on the simple concept that if we focus on more than best practices and correct our bad practices (“crimes” as we call them), then we separate ourselves from the competition. His groundbreaking book Demonstrating to Win!: The Indispensable Guide for Demonstrating Software, first published in 2000, is considered the gold standard for demo and presentation skills; many of the concepts in the original book are still as relevant today as they were when the book was originally published.