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Contact Us Online Learning

Building Your Personal Brand

Learn practical tips to be intentional in curating experiences that build stronger connections with buyers, which can accelerate the sales process and make you more memorable.

Personal Brand Foundations

With the right techniques, the shift from one-off, comprehensive pitches to a series of shorter, focused conversations provides the opportunity to build lasting relationships and drive success in sales initiatives.

Enhanced Remote Engagement

Creating an engaging virtual environment that minimizes the anonymity that often comes with digital interactions is essential for making virtual meetings feel more personal and ensure we can drive next steps.

Utilizing Virtual Tools

The effective use of virtual tools like personal videos, asynchronous videos, whiteboarding, and annotation can ensure messages are not only delivered but fully comprehended and retained.

Build Stronger Connections

"You've got two sales engagements or two sales presentations. Both understand the clients equally as well. Both communicate with clarity. But one of them uses techniques like this to be very intentional about the way they curate this experience for the buyer. The buyer is likely to connect with that person better. And if they connect better, they trust that person better. That's who they are going to buy from."

- Chad Wilson, 2win VP of Operations



Headshot of Chad Wilson
Chad Wilson
2Win VP of Operations

Chad leads 2Win’s product strategy and development to ensure our training and coaching services enable our clients to execute within the changing landscape of B2B engagements. He make it his personal mission to ensure every time we engage with a client we model the best practices we teach.

Headshot of Taunya Bunte
Taunya Bunte
2Win Master Facilitator

Taunya has been leading change by transforming training and sales teams into high performers for over 20 years. When she isn’t elbow-deep ensuring our clients' success, Taunya enjoys hiking the Rocky Mountain trails with her dogs, riding motorcycles, and camping in her restored 1964 Shasta Camper.