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A Customer Success Story

2Win and Precisely: Pinpointing Sales Challenges and Pivoting To Record-Breaking Success

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Meet Precisely

A pioneer and leading data integrity company with over 50 years of data experience.

Precisely is a global leader in data solutions with over 50 years experience, operating in over 100 countries, and driving over 12,000 companies data integration and management. They offer a comprehensive suite of software, data enrichment services and strategic guidance that help their clients make decisions driven by data that is accurate, consistent, and derived from the proper context. Precisely ensures that organizations at any stage of their data integrity journey receive tailored solutions.

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"When we set out to drive a unified global culture to support our vision for SE excellence, we knew we wanted a training partner that could not only help us implement best practices, but would also challenge us to realize our full potential. The 2Win team did this and more.

At every touchpoint, they delivered an exceptional experience and executed with precision. That was exactly what I needed to continue to inspire my team to develop a personal brand that exudes excellence in every way. We've done just that. 

- Jon Pilkington, SVP of Sales Engineering

Accelerating Sales Excellence: Precisely's Journey with Demo2Win Training 

Precisely PinPoints Needs 

Precisely approached 2Win Global with a "suite" of needs. First, they had undergone two major acquisitions, which substantially enhanced their portfolio of products and expanded the sales teams, the new product lines were being integrated, and the solution engineers had to adapt fast to a new go-to-market strategy. Second, where sales had been pitching to IT previously, in this new world sales pitches are in front of decision-makers with more authority and less technical knowledge. Having leaders in the demo audience accelerates a sales funnel and necessitates a shift in how demos and solutions are generated.  

Demand for the Precisely Data Integrity Suite was high, but Precisely faced the challenges of streamlining product lines, advancing sales engineering methods, and unifying a diverse talent pool within its multinational organization. Transitioning to SaaS cloud data solutions required a modernized sales demonstration methodology to meet new customer demands. 

2Win Solutions:

Global Demo Training Tracks, Reinforced Learning, and A Culture of Cooperation.

2Win created a custom solution to meet Precisely's complex needs. First, 2Win implemented a comprehensive training program, including a two-week jumpstart consisting of an Asia Pacific track, a European track, and three US tracks with interactive live sessions supplemented by online self-paced pre-work. 

The jumpstart program emphasized peer-based learning to engage sales teams and encourage cooperation and communication across boundaries. Following the jumpstart were quarterly reinforcement sessions to troubleshoot communication gaps and share real-world experiences of how the training improved buyer experience and close rates. 

To address the challenge of transforming the organizational culture to match its newly implemented sales methodology, 2Win emphasized cooperation and sharing skills, stories, and expertise across organizational and national boundaries. This initiative not only facilitated collaboration but also increased retention rates by creating an environment where employees were eager to contribute and grow within a global context. 

Precisely elevated its collective product IQ and cultural EQ, and lowered barriers professional development. The Demo2Win training galvanized team cooperation, fostering skill and knowledge exchange, and improved sales outcomes.  

The Experience

Consistent Excellence

To drive organizational global evolution and meet today’s buyers where they are, Precisely needed to modernize its demos and usher in a new era of cooperation among its teams. 2Win was initially chosen for its reputation and compatibility with Precisely's sales methodology. However, throughout the training process, Precisely was impressed by the intangible value of 2Win talent; it experienced consistent excellence in every aspect, from curriculum design to instructor expertise.  

"Our sales engineers came ready for each one of the live sessions to ensure they would get the maximum benefit. Even with sessions going on in 3 different global regions, 2Win seamlessly planned the entire training program. Briefing all of the coaches on our business prior to the live sessions, every Coach demonstrated that they clearly absorbed all of the information. The consistency across each coach was mind-blowing. 

Each 2Win Coach was super consistent and had hard hitting messages. Each coach brought something from their own background and weaved their experience through their session. They were delivering a solid and consistent curriculum, but each maximizing their own strength. And that was impressive." 

- Keith Wright, Sales Enablement Director 

The Outcomes

Revenue Growth, Increased Deal Sizes and Close Rates

Adopting the 2Win methodology translated into revenue growth and increased deal sizes and close rates across Precisely's entire portfolio. Within two weeks, 2Win enabled 100 sales engineers globally, resulting in differentiated sales demonstrations and increased sales. Multiple record-breaking sales were closed within 12 months of implementing the methodology. 

While sales results were immediate, the intangible results were echoed by Precisely's clients and sales engineers, who reported more enthusiasm, better communication, and cooperation across teams. These outcomes make Demo2Win one of the top training programs and inspire new client solutions.  

Sales engineers are saying they are better prepared. Demo2Win is removing the barriers and challenges they had before…, they LOVE the methodology. 
Keith Wright
Precisely Sales Enablement Director

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