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How to Build a Winning Automated Demo Video

Learn the unique differences between live and video based demos.

Production Quality

Experience the difference a few strategic production choices can make for your demo video.

Demo Video "Scripting"

Learn to adapt the Tell-Show-Tell technique and capture your audiences' attention in the fist 3 seconds.

Organizational Considerations

Develop a workflow that improves efficiency and extends the lifespan of your demo videos.

Build Winning Videos

"In the end, an automated demo is just a time-shifted segment of a web demo. Think about it this way. If a buyer wanted to see a demo and couldn't watch a video, what alternative would they have? They'd have to schedule a web demo. So, if we're looking to accelerate the buying process, we simply need to replace that scheduled web demo with an automated demo video. Since that's the case, a demo video just needs to be as good as a (high-quality) web demo. This is good news as it means we can dramatically accelerate time to market if we can resist the urge to over produce."

- Chad Wilson, 2win VP of Operations



Chad Wilson
Chad Wilson
2Win VP of Operations

Chad leads 2Win’s product strategy and development to ensure our training and coaching services enable our clients to execute within the changing landscape of B2B engagements. He make it his personal mission to ensure every time we engage with a client we model the best practices we teach.