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2% Factor Podcast

Welcome to the 2% Factor podcast, where we unpack the small decisions that have had a massive impact on someone’s life.

Join CEO, Dan Conway as he explores the micro-decisions that shaped remarkable stories, featuring guests with unique perspectives. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, as we celebrate the moments where the smallest choices make the greatest difference.

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John Schlitt Podcast

Selling the World's Most Exotic Vehicles with Luxury Auto Collection

Join us for a new episode of the 2% Factor Podcast as we sit down with John Schlitt, the Founder & CEO of Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale, one...

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Jennifer Hart Podcast

The Rise of Country Stardom with Jennifer Hart

In this episode of the 2% Factor podcast, we’re joined by Jennifer Hart, a country singer-songwriter from Gilbert, Arizona, who’s making waves in...

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Chef Randy Gatewood Podcast

Creating a Burger Empire with Chef Randizzle

In this episode of the 2% Factor podcast, we sit down with Chef Randy Gatewood, the former NFL and AFL player turned culinary entrepreneur behind...

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Tyson Apostol Podcast

Surviving the Island, Mastering the Court: Tyson Apostol’s Evolution

In the latest episode of the 2% Factor podcast, Tyson Apostol joins us, the champion of Survivor Season 27: Blood vs Water. Join us as we unravel the...

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Carreno Mezcal Podcast

Carreño Mezcal’s Family tradition to Business with Ivan Carreño

Join us on the 2% Factor podcast as we sit down with Ivan Carreño, the visionary behind Carreño Mezcal. Ivan shares the remarkable story of how his...

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Brad and Monica Culpepper Podcast

Brad and Monica Culpepper’s Journey from NFL Fields to Survivor Islands and Law Firm Success

Welcome to the latest episode of the 2% Factor podcast, we’re thrilled to have Brad and Monica Culpepper join us. Renowned for their resilience and...

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Stan Smith Podcast

Beyond the Arena with Rodeo Legend Stran T. Smith

In our latest 2% Factor podcast episode, we talk with Stran T. Smith, a rodeo legend and founder of STS Ranchwear, who shares his personal journey to...

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What is the 2% Factor?

The 2% Factor is the statistical difference that determines the outcome of judged events, such as winning gold or silver in the Olympics. This tiny margin also mirrors the decisions stakeholders make when choosing between their current solution, your proposal, or a competitor's offer. 

This podcast, hosted by Dan Conway, is all about the micro-decisions that have had a massive impact on the lives of its guests. By focusing on the 2% Factor, the podcast highlights how seemingly small choices can lead to significant outcomes. Each episode explores the extraordinary in the ordinary, celebrating moments where the smallest choices made the greatest difference.

The 2% Factor Podcast broadens this concept by sharing the journeys and stories of our guests, highlighting the small yet significant decisions that have led to remarkable outcomes. Discover how the principles of the 2% Factor apply not just in sales, but in every aspect of life.

You are one decision away from a life you never dreamed of!