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SaaS Sales Demand: A Dedicated Approach to Customer Success

SaaS Sales Demand: A Dedicated Approach to Customer Success

masters testimonial thumbnail WOMAN IN WORKSHOP-1.pngSoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) business models have dramatically changed the nature of customer relationships in the industry. here buyers used to make large, upfront, investments to own a software license, they are now choosing to make smaller monthly or annual  payments to lease their software. This has significantly lowered the barrier to entry and exit, which has, in turn, dramatically raised the importance of delivering business value over the life of the customer.

In the SaaS era, buyers view ongoing customer service of equal importance as the software itself. Sales reps trying to find success in retaining new customers must craft a customer-first approach that aims to help them extract the most value possible from a solution through onboarding, training, adoption strategies and effective implementation.


At 2Win we define these as “Success Metrics,” which are vital benchmarks we know need to be achieved during various stages within the customer lifecycle in order to drive adoption and prove business value. These critical moments lead to expansions and renewals. Learn more about what Client Success means and why it has become a vital component of the industry by reading on.


Sharing Product Knowledge for Better Customer Success

Education and personalized service go hand-in-hand when trying to reach optimal outcomes with SaaS customers. That’s why our VP of Client Success , Chad, is in charge of developing Success programs that provide maximum value to our clients.


“As a SaaS company, our profitability is reliant on customers renewing year after year,” explains Chad. “Our mission in Client Success is to develop a deep understanding of our client’s business challenges and help develop compelling use cases where Bridge (in concert with 2Win! best practices) addresses the identified challenges.”


This approach ensures that a SaaS product demonstrates value immediately within its lifecycle and continues to provide value over time. With our 2Win! Bridge demo video automation solution it’s important that Chad and his Client Success team connect with clients and work with them to identify key moments and opportunities where video can dramatically impact their client engagement model, whether that’s a recorded demo video, or a live demo resource interaction. Analyzing the customer’s unique market position, product and company culture, the team is able to identify impacts that have the most substantial effect on the client’s bottom line, which could include increased meeting efficiency, and deal acceleration.


“Mapping these connections and executing an onboarding, adoption, and expansion strategy, is key to our mission in Client Success,” says Chad. Since clients need to obtain real, measurable value from their solution in order to renew, the result is an ongoing relationship where the Client Success team ensures that training and product use meet company needs and goals.


Creating Your Own Approach to Client Success Through Customer Connectedness

“Client Success Managers need to earn the right to build connections with our customers,” asserts Chad. To do that, they must show a genuine interest in their business by doing their homework, understanding their industry and the unique value they provide to that industry. Only once these factors are known can a Client Success team work together with the client to help them execute their mission.


 “As we do this, we build upon experiences ‘in the trenches,’ where we celebrate mutual success,” Chad describes.


By continuing your relationship after a close and ensuring that a client succeeds through the best application of a solution, one-time clients become customers for life.


“That’s the foundation of our relationship,” says Chad, “built on trust and a commitment to a shared goal.... and maybe a couple cocktails along the way.”



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