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Are You a Sales Leader or Sales Follower? Here’s How Leveraging Video Can Make You Proactive



Being a sales leader—either as an actual sales manager or a member of the sales team—requires thinking about all your options rather than just taking some for granted.Yet, far too many self-proclaimed sales leaders end up following blindly in the footsteps of those before them. Instead, they should look to new techniques and technologies that help them reinvent the sales cycle. One of the most important of these opportunities they should seize lies in sales demo videos.


Buyers now spend 67% of the total buying cycle online. While this online time includes direct contact with sales reps via email and social, it also includes self-guided buyer education through content. 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say that informative content had a moderate to major effect on their ultimate buying decision.


Dedicated sales leaders can therefore break from tradition, offer value to sales leads, and engage proactively all by adding sales demo videos and personalized video for sales leads at every stage of the buying cycle.


What Exactly Are Sales Demo Videos and Personalized Sales Videos?

Sales demo videos offer important information to sales leads through automation. You can leverage a single pre-recorded sales demo to countless leads at scale. Or, you could create a tailored approach with a 1:1 custom-made video aimed directly at a particular buyers persona.


Why use video? Because it has inherent appeal. 59% of executives claim that if they have the option to read text or watch a video, they would choose the latter.


Video communicates more efficiently by condensing information into one easy-to-digest resource. Video recipients can also passively absorb the information, which becomes especially convenient if the sales rep narrates the information at a steady pace and in an engaging way.


What Features Make a Sales Demo Video Automation Platform Even More Beneficial for Sales Leaders?

The biggest benefits come from a demo video automation platform like 2Win Bridge, which can incorporate personalized interaction features. These features strengthen buyer engagement for sales and presales professionals within their software demo and sales activities.


For instance, a dedicated sales leader could combine the two options suggested earlier—creating both a generalized short sales demo for initiating the buying cycle at scale and a custom-made follow-up filled with personalized information that’s relevant to your specific buyer persona.


Both videos can be queued together alongside other interesting video content, inviting the prospect to engage through content that educates at the same time it nurtures.


Most importantly, you can view feedback analytics showing whether or not the buyer lead actually watched the video, how long they watched, whether they watched other videos in the queue, whether they shared the video with others, and other indispensable insights.


Through these features, solutions like Bridge help to scale resources, shorten sales cycles and close more deals by leveraging on-demand video for buyers to consume on their terms. All of these benefits indicate why a custom white-labeled video platform works far better than YouTube and other generic, free-for-all video platforms.


Personalized Sales Videos Have a Place During Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

Sales demo video automation makes sales reps, managers and pre-sales teams more proactive because it can be used to engage at any stage of the buyer cycle.


Include a video with cold emails during your first point of contact — reps that use video in their prospecting emails get a 5x higher open rate and an 8x higher open-to-reply rate

Aid in discovery with overview guides and insider knowledge covering challenges your solution solves

Nurture interest for a qualified lead with sales demos and feature breakdowns tailored to their buyer persona

Follow-up with a cold lead using a personalized intro to content they’d like or a self-created video that continues the conversation

Check in after a closed deal by sending a thank you video or a personalized follow up sharing great content and information


These are just some of the many uses for sales videos that can help you seize the initiative rather than waiting for the lead to make the next move.


In a world of text and bland emails, a customized white labeled personal video from you will stand out. And standing out from the herd is what being a sales leader is all about.








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