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Leveraging Sales Demo Videos Gets Prospects to Make the Next Move

Leveraging Sales Demo Videos Gets Prospects to Make the Next Move

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Even the greatest chess players in the world cannot win from certain positions. To avoid getting to that point, they force their opponent to make a move and gain control of the game’s tempo. “You have to have the fighting spirit,” Bobby Fischer said once. “You have to force moves and take chances.”

In sales, clients are not adversaries. If the rep can get to a win, then both sides benefit. But the challenges a rep contends with when getting to a “yes” are like facing a chess opponent. If they constantly react to these challenges, they eventually may find themselves in a position they cannot win from.

Instead, they should force a move, and sending sales demo videos to leads at key moments can be the perfect tool for doing this. Hosting these demo videos on a white label video hosting platform with analytics features can teach them over time which moves gain the most traction, and eventually the salesperson can take back the tempo of a stalled game to get their win.

Being a Sales Leader Means Teaching Reps to Control Tempo

Modern decision-makers have a million things to take care of, so even a small objection or a momentary scheduling snag can threaten to eject them out of your funnel as their plate fills up with other priorities.

Sales leaders must teach their team how to keep their leads from stalling too long and leaking out of the sales pipeline. Reaching out with informative sales materials can be the perfect thing to restart the process and patch up pipeline leaks before they rupture.

Sales demo videos provide easily viewable assets that encourage engagement, especially if the videos are short and well-structured. The rep can send a quick recap of an earlier demo, or they can send a customized summary touching on the unique pain points and use cases as they apply to the lead. With a platform like 2Win Bridge, you can also queue up additional videos that provide value to the lead while simultaneously addressing objections.

As a result, the lead is reminded of the value the solution offers, and the rep can move clients to a point of decision.

With a White Label Video Hosting Platform, Reps Can Learn from Analytics

Sales representatives on the front lines want to continue the conversation with leads in order to make the most of the momentum they’ve built. Sending custom sales demos and queuing additional content as described above can help restart the conversation and continue a dialog towards a close/conclusion.

Analytics provided by cloud-based sales video hosting platforms like 2Win Bridge can reveal which videos get the most attention, the most complete views and the most internal shares. By studying data generated after you send off a video to a lead, you can improve your approach and restart the conversation more reliably.

In this way, sending off a sales video during a lull in the decision-making period can get the pieces moving once more. By learning from their best moves and how they can control the tempo of the conversation better, sales reps can learn to rely on their own initiative rather than waiting to see what the lead will do next.