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It’s Now About Video Selling, Not Just Video Marketing

It’s Now About Video Selling, Not Just Video Marketing



Sales video communications has rapidly emerged as the biggest competitive edge a company can wield. While in the past video was a “nice-to-have” to beef out your inbound marketing strategy, marketing automation systems and the drive for leads to nurture themselves mean that, now, videos can do much of the selling.

If sales reps are able to make personalized sales videos for their client leads, they can also accelerate the sales process by replacing in-person touchpoints with self-guided lead education.

All of these factors combined make coming up with a video sales strategy crucial in the coming months ahead. Here are just some facts you can consider as you mull over how to best include video within your sales pipeline:

Replace Boring, Text-Filled Product Information With Videos

According to statistics published on Hubspot, four times as many people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Videos can condense a lot of information into a small package, and it can often entertain while educating. Videos are also a more passive medium of communication, allowing people to sit back and watch rather than having to scroll through blocks of text and deliberately read each one.

Your sales team can use this information to replace text-heavy pamphlets, posts and product descriptions with videos. You can break up product overviews into bite-sized chunks around 2-3 minutes each so that each feature or unique selling point gets highlighted on its own. Content like this hosted on websites, posted on social media and sent through email can increase audience engagement and make your demos more digestible.

Use Video to Increase Email Open Rates

Another interesting factoid from the Hubspot post is that emails with video can increase open rates significantly. Just using the word “video” in your subject line is enough to increase open rates by 19 percent and clickthrough rates by 65 percent.

This information can help you make your email campaigns more punchy and effective. You can reduce your reliance on heavy text and instead use short, descriptive text supplemented by a link to a related video.

Personalized video can make this effect even more dramatic; telling a prospect that they have a video made just for them would be enough to tempt anyone to open.

Increase Insight Into Who Your Audience Is

While analytics can tell you a fair amount about who engages with your content, opens your emails, etc., it can only reveal so much. With the right sales video hosting platform, though, you can get detailed information about exactly who saw what and even for how long.

Our own sales staff uses 2Win! Bridge TrueAnalytics™ to see who exactly watched a video, including what parts they watched, the number of views and their total view time. We can also see who forwarded the video to others, letting us know the content that truly drives action.

Find a Personalized Sales Video Solution That Works for You

With enough effort and imagination, your sales team can reap the benefits of a sales video communications strategy that incorporates personalized sales video. If you want some inspiration, you can watch Eric Thurston, CEO of Personify, describe how 2Win! Bridge helped set his sales team apart .