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Video Demo Content - An Essential Part of Sales Strategy

Video Demo Content - An Essential Part of Sales Strategy

AdobeStock_80111813.jpegMobile devices like smartphones and tablets have spurred an explosion of video content. Now, digital technology experts like Cisco predict that online video will make up 80% of online data consumption within just a few years.

In this time, video consumption has made the leap from sheer entertainment to practical value. Brands and marketers are publishing informative, engaging video content that offers value while representing their capabilities in compelling ways. Consumers, executives and those seeking vendor relationships have all started to devour this type of video and use it in their decision-making process.


So what makes video such a potent sales tool in this day and age? These three benefits:

Video Allows You to Passively Absorb a Lot of Information Quickly

When most people read now, they skim, but they may miss out on important information in a paragraph they completely glanced over. With a product or service video demo, you can sit back and phase in and out of attention, but you still absorb all of the video passively. More importantly, parts of the video can grab our attention without us having to engage on an active level.

This type of consumption is similar to how someone keeps watch in the military. They focus their attention only as needed in order to quickly hone in on the information that matters most to them. In this way, watching video is a far more natural, instinctual process of absorbing information than through text or photos alone.

Perhaps this comfort level and efficient information absorption is why 59% of executives stated they would rather watch a video than read text, and why 75% of executives stated that they watch a work-related video on business websites at least once a week.

Video Engages All of the Senses in an Emotional Way

We may only be using two senses when watching video, sight and hearing, but the types of information we absorb are far more complex than that. Live footage of a product or scenario gives us vast amounts of information in ways a static photo never could. For example, real estate listings offering video tours of a home receive 403% more responses than those without them because they demonstrate the physical features of a home better.

In addition to improved perspective, video can add voice-over narration, graphics, music, text layovers and other techniques to concoct a powerful montage that elicits compelling emotional effects from viewers.

Video Builds Relationships and Connections

Marketers that are able to use one or all of the elements above to make a video enjoyable increase the viewer’s purchase intent by 97% and their brand association by 139%. Executives moved by a video are likewise compelled to act — 65% visit the marketer’s website and 39% call the vendor after viewing.

Those that watch one video may desire to watch more from the same content publisher or topic thanks to handy suggestion features. As users engage with multiple videos or pages with embedded videos, they produce a digital trail that can help brands form a profile of customer behavior and respond better to that visitor’s unique needs.

Start Harnessing the Power of a Video Demo Strategy Today

Recognizing the potential of video, we at 2Win! have built our own Bridge proprietary hosting platform that makes it easy to track analytics data from videos. The platform also makes community-building features like suggested content or video sharing intuitive and easy. When viewers are ready to take the next step down the sales funnel, 2Win! Bridge will be there to guide them with calls to action that convince.

Learn more about how our platform evolves video demo sales by watching our professional explainer video.

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