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Using Technology to Give Sales Materials a Human Touch

Using Technology to Give Sales Materials a Human Touch

AdobeStock_80111813.jpegSome of the most essential things, like food, housing, and transportation have all become more expensive, but one thing that has undeniably become cheaper is technology. You can now download free video editing software online far more powerful than the systems used by network broadcasters 25 years ago, which often cost five figures and needed ultra-powerful workstations to operate. Likewise, high quality cameras, microphones and sales video platforms are all available at tempting entry points.


By investing in these inputs, salespeople can transform their messages into something poignant and, more importantly, memorable. After all, the most effective advertising has shown us that getting USPs across is far less important than telling a story that resonates with the soul.


Success Story

Here is a quick success story that happened within our organization, where a sales rep was able to use video to add a more humanistic touch to a prospect. It was a typical scenrio, our rep had had many successful conversations with a prospect and everything seemed to be a great fit. However, a few weeks passed and our rep hadnt heard a peep from the prospect, they just seemed to fall off the face of the earth, calls and voicemails went continuously unanswered. Our rep wasnt sure if they had lost interest, lost their budget, or even worse,  talking to a competitor. So our rep decided to throw a "hail mary" as he calls it. He loves sports and decided to use our 2Win! Bridge software to create a quick personalized 15 second video to the prospect, asking if he was still "in the game", and "on the clients roster". He used a sports analogy because that was something unique and personal to him as well, adding an authentic human touch to the video. You can watch short video here.

Short story is, the prospect loved the video and through our 2Win! Bridge analytics our rep was able to see how often the video  was watched, and who is was sent too! At the end of the day, they ended up signing the deal with us. Sometimes you need to send a human touch to the people you are always communication to through technology. 

Telling without Selling

Call it a surge of creativity in the new generation or mastery by the more experienced generations, but advertising, PR and sales professionals have all stepped up to new heights in terms of audio/visual storytelling.


Much of this marketing content successfully sells its touted products without ever really highlighting them or explaining their benefits in any way. In their place are heartwarming or inspirational stories that connect to the paradigm-shifting philosophy of the product rather than the product itself.


Here are two such examples:


– Under Armour’s 2016 Olympic advertising was on point, especially this invigorating and soulful look into the performance-focused mind of Michael Phelps.




– John Lewis, an established U.K. department store retailer, has developed such a knack for storytelling that people anticipate their high-budget, well-produced Christmas commercials every year. 2015’s was a short, emotionally tinged tale about a young girl and her efforts to reach a lonely man on the moon.




These videos use editing, sound and above all else stunningly captured imagery to come together as a cohesive whole and form a lasting impression upon viewers. They may remember the emotions they felt for years to come, even if they cannot remember specific details about the commercial.


Spreading Lasting Messages Through an Effective Sales Video Platform

Your organization can take advantage of the power of emotional storytelling by investing in compelling videos. This content can effectively communicate the values your solutions hold most dear or the challenges they intend to help others overcome. You need not skip out completely on the sales messages as the above two samples do, but you can communicate major benefits or differentiators in a way that words alone could never accomplish.


The only challenge for many organizations is that they can easily locate video production companies to meet their needs but often find that common hosting platforms like YouTube come up short. Instead, they must turn to sales video hosting solutions. Our salespeople have found much success in being able to send a humanistic video message to prospects by using our 2Win! Bridge video software.


This platform allows them to interact more with viewers, capture more of their information and keep them in the funnel rather than distracted by suggested videos about competitors or cats acting silly. Best of all, each 2Win! Bridge participant automatically receives the support and guidance of 2Win!’s experienced production crew. Hosting services, content creation workshops and even video production resources are all put at your disposal to ensure the maximum probability for your success.



Take a look at our dedicated sales video platform page to learn more about 2Win! Bridge while seeing compelling examples of memorable, impactful video content.

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