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Invite Your Sales Staff for Some Netflix & “Win”

Invite Your Sales Staff for Some Netflix & “Win”

Depositphotos_40002641_l-2015.jpgBinge watching has taken over our media consumption habits thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Rather than catching an episode of a show every afternoon or once a week, we can devour them all at the same time in drawn-out “binge” sessions. According to Netflix, a surprising amount of people engage in this type of viewing — the average viewer will watch the entire first season of a show in about a week.

Binge watching speaks to two things: our need to compact leisure activities into shorter and shorter time blocks, and the sheer, addicting temptation of watching “just one more episode.”

Sales staff can take advantage of this tendency by giving their leads a slew of entertaining, informative content to binge watch. Using tools like a sales-oriented online video platform, they can keep a prospect watching video after video without even noticing where the time has gone.

Sales teams can use the following suggestions to help make engaging clients in some Netflix & “Win” easier.

Keep Videos Short and To-The-Point

According to the study linked to above, Netflix found that subscribers are more likely to binge watch a show if it has less for the audience to digest between episodes. Shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are far from shallow, but they know how to have each scene make a point so that the flow of the story is easy to follow. These qualities make certain shows easier to binge watch, often in as little as four days.

Your videos should similarly lead their audience through a series of interesting thoughts, facts or scenarios without making any single one too much to digest. Think of each video as a potato chip: the easier they are going down, the more you want to keep eating.

Use MetaTags and a Content Strategy to Group Similar Topics Together

One of the best ways to encourage further viewing is to suggest similar videos to the one the person just watched. This strategy is why Netflix suggests new shows for you to watch; they don’t want you to lose steam after you finish a series or season.

Similarly, prospects enjoy having options for discovering new, similar content. A recent Demand Gen Buyer Preferences Survey found that "93% of B2B buyers prefer packages of related or similar content.” Just like Netflix, if you queue up the next “episode” of your content or have recommendations, they are more likely to stay glued to their screen.

Our own sales team uses this technique with our 2Win! Bridge software to ensure that client leads have an ideal viewing environment. While sites like YouTube could distract leads into watching videos on other channels, having a dedicated sales video hosting platform like can help you control what they see next, as you can select specific videos in what we call a "playlist" customized directly for your prospect, all the while increasing the odds of longer view times.

With these elements in place, you can charm even the staunchest client leads when you suggest some Netflix & “Win.”