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Use Video to Engage with “C” Level Contacts

Use Video to Engage with “C” Level Contacts


AdobeStock_68821331.jpeg Video content can engage the C suite in ways that other sales approaches cannot, enabling sales associates to get a critical edge when trying to close on a pivotal account. Tools like these are absolutely vital when it comes to reaching the people who matter most.

After all, many sales organizations have had the epiphany that if they want their solutions to be truly considered, they need to talk to the real decision makers. For sales staff, engaging an executive in this way can seem daunting. The lead is going to be several levels above the rep’s pay grade, and they are also going to constantly have meetings, travel appointments and other commitments that bring their availability down to nil. Since these reps have little time to connect with an executive and they also do not want to annoy their prospect with high pressure pitches, video content provides the perfect opportunity to connect in meaningful ways.

Video is efficient, low pressure, and can engage and provide a unique, creative way to state your case and convince. In other words, a compelling video can do much of the sales process for you, letting a skilled rep come in and close with an executive prospect who has all the facts.


Sales Demo Videos Are Efficient

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that can be quite literal. Capturing every detail of a stunningly composed photo through text alone can be impossible, for instance, requiring the writer to use discretion when deciding which details to focus on the most.

So in this visual way, videos already have an edge over a piece of text or a long-winded verbal explanation. The medium also has other tools at its disposal, including the ability to tell a deeper message through subtle combinations of audio and visual elements.

For instance, a common animated explainer video tactic is to examine a problem and then present the solution the particular company offers. When this shift from problem to solution occurs, the tone of the video will also often shift. Brighter colors may be used or other iconography like smiling faces and happy sunshine rays. The background music may also go uptempo and use bouncy, joyous chords.

All the while, a voiceover explains in cool, logical terms why the solution works and the benefits it can offer the hypothetical client. Together, the logical elements and the tangible emotional elements work together as a cohesive whole to illustrate complex concepts in just a few minutes.

As Dennis Syracuse, CMO of Madison Logic writes: “In an era where everyone is busy and the battle for attention is greater than ever before, the time for video is now. Few decision makers have time to read every white paper or sit through a webinar, but many will take 60 to 120 seconds to watch an informative, entertaining video.”


Sales Demo Videos Offer a Self-Paced, Inbound Sales Strategy

One client of a major branding company put it best when they said “C-suite executives aren’t hard to reach, but it is hard to get their attention.”

In other words, high-ranking execs often have the time it takes to consider a sales pitch but usually not the interest or energy. Adding an aggressive but uncompelling sales approach to the mix only serves further to drive them away.

Alternatively, offering a tempting-looking video can entice while letting them feel in control of the sales process. They get to hear what the solutions provider has to say without having a person in the room potentially making them uncomfortable. In the end, if they decide to continue to the next step and seek more information they feel motivated by the fact that it was their own decision.

At that stage, a sales rep can seem more of an assistant than a nuisance, guiding the prospect through the choices they have and helping them understand the value of the proposition.


Sales Demo Videos Sell Faster, More Efficiently

By allowing a lead to nurture themselves voluntarily and offering them condensed value in an informative and entertaining video, sales reps can reach more people faster and focus their energy on the critical final steps of the sales process.

To harness this energy and potential for your sales organization, consider what a sales video platform like 2Win! Bridge can offer. With powerful analytics reports, professional presentation and a sales-oriented organic discovery feature, 2Win! Bridge can be the secret weapon in your sales arsenal that your team needs to get to the next level.

Find out more about how 2Win! Bridge can help you reach your C-level prospects by visiting our video sales demo platform information page.