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Authentic Is In! Why Sincerity Is Better Than Flash

Authentic Is In! Why Sincerity Is Better Than Flash

Depositphotos_84025516_l-2015.jpgMake no mistake: slickly presented sales messages can hit their mark on a huge swathe of our population. But at the same time, people know and recognize when they are being sold to, and after a while the gimmicks start to repeat themselves.

Not sure what we mean? Check out this commercial for a fictional for-profit school, or this commercial for a never-named tech product. They both nailed it, didn’t they? What really hits home isn’t the cynical humor, but how well both parody the same, generic, repetitive and frankly condescending ad pitch styles that have gotten recycled and regurgitated millions of times.

It’s time for something different, and you can be that positive change in the way you approach your sales prospects. By sitting down to make authentic-feeling, meaningful, personalized sales videos, you can speak directly to prospects without coming across as insincere.

Remember: a little bit of polish can make something look nicer, but too much can be blinding.

Get Rid of Sales Cliches and One-Size-Fits-All Approaches

Your aim when reaching out to prospects is to be as relevant as possible. They want to hear how your solution benefits them, in specific ways and in specific situations that they actually find themselves in.

A generic promotional video won’t do the trick. Your mass-broadcast commercial ads are mostly effective at generating brand awareness. At best, they can give people the surface of why your solution is worth their money.

The same goes for any pre-made sales materials in your repertoire. These videos are most effective when used as inbound marketing tools rather than genuine sales materials. A prospect can look at them to decide if they are interested, but they are going to want to know more.

When that moment arrives, you should be ready to give them as specific and as relevant of information as possible, ensuring every point you make hits home. Your approach should sound somewhat familiar to them because you truly get their pain points and understand where they find value in their market. It shouldn’t sound familiar because you offer up cheesy selling points like, “it’s the solution you deserve,” without any real context.

If you need any better proof that people crave authenticity over marketing polish, look at how companies are investing millions in influencer marketing. They know they don’t have people’s attention, so they look to collaborate with more authentic-feeling content creators who actually know how to engage their audience.

How Personalized Sales Videos Can Offer Better Relevance, Authenticity

For these reasons and many others, personalized, tailor-made videos sent to prospects are some of the most effective tools you can use to nurture their interest and get closer to an offer. With the right sales video hosting platform, you can even queue up several interesting videos and ensure your prospect won’t get distracted with things like “suggested videos” from competitors.

The video platform we use in-house and offer to clients even lets you track viewer statistics, letting you know exactly who watched what when and for how long.

Start reaching out to your audience in personal-feeling, authentic and meaningful ways, and save the slick editing, glockenspiel and bouncy ukulele chords for another day. Your clients will thank you for it.

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