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Finally, a Video Sharing Platform Customers Will Love [Press Release]

Buyers buy differently today than they did just a few short years ago. This trend has been driven by two converging forces: wide spread adoption of cloud based technologies, and reduced friction for buyers seeking information about products and services that interest them. Today’s buyers are well informed, and they capitalize on low barriers to entry and exit of today’s products and services. Modern sales teams are looking to embrace these trends and adapt their approach in order to remain competitive. Today’s sellers need to be prepared to quickly engage with buyers with meaningful content that matches their interest in order to keep momentum within the buying process and gain alignment of other key decision makers along the way. With the increased velocity and pressure of this new reality, how do sales teams bridge the gap? With a buyer friendly video sharing platform, fueled with a depth of content robust enough to shepherd the buyer through their decision making process, stacked with analytics to help sellers know how best to engage and drive the deal forward.

2Win! Bridge is a unique online portal that empowers sales professionals with a simple way to deliver a “playlist” of solutions that are video based, easy to navigate, and customized to the recipient. Once received, the buyer can customize the playlist and share with other stakeholders in the organization. Now potential customers can get their colleagues what they need to make a decision, the way they want to see it, when they want to see it.

The key to agility in this new market is depth of content. The 2Win! team has cracked the code to agile development of meaningful and authentic content. 2Win! has adapted their proven demonstration methodology for the video world. Now clients are creating video content that used to take days or weeks in a matter of hours!

Today's leaders are challenged with compressed margins, high growth expectations, and buyers demanding easy access to information from vendors in the buying cycle. 2Win! Bridge delivers a ground breaking solution to the market enabling sales teams to share authentic and effective recorded demonstration and presentation videos to speed up the sales cycle and increase win rates. Dan Conway, 2Win! Global CEO said: “By leveraging the powerful combination of 2Win!’s Bridge software, rapid video production services, and proven demonstration methodology, leaders can now address these challenges while accelerating revenue and EBITA growth.”

2Win! Global is a worldwide software tools and demonstration training company that empowers sales engagement teams to deliver compelling presentations and differentiating demonstrations, live, over the web, and now in a video sharing platform.

Find out more about 2Win! Bridge: 2winglobal.com/bridge

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