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Product Review- Sharing a Personalized Demo with Navattic.

Product Review- Sharing a Personalized Demo with Navattic.

Untitled design (8)Personalized demos help prospects and clients visualize themselves using your software solution. Wouldn’t you agree? The challenge is the volume of demos a typical PreSales professional performs in any given week means that demo personalization is often not realistic. Traditionally, demo personalization requires creating a new application image with new records, prospect branding, and data. Enter Navattic. These ingenious PreSales professionals built a no-code demo workflow tool to help you better connect with your prospects.

Personalized Data

When I was in the software business, our development team wrote a “demo refresh” routine for our ERP software twenty years ago. The demo refresh allowed us to create a demo image, modify the data to fit the prospect’s needs, and when the demo was completed, the routine refreshed the data to its original state. Since that time, we have worked with thousands of software companies, and very few have emphasized data tailoring and refresh. Why? I believe it is due to the amount of time required for a PreSales professional to perform the data entry necessary to personalize. Simply put, the time-to-reward ratio is out of balance.

Enter Navattic. Their solution to build an interactive and personalized product demo makes this process a breeze! The concept is ingenious. Their software copies your existing demo environment, enables you to edit the data to tell the right story, and gives you a tailored demo to share with your prospect. For example, if your prospect sells a “Router” but the demo data description is ”Desk,” whenever the browser sees “Desk,” it replaces it with “Router.” NOTE: this is a gross oversimplification of the tool as it has many more capabilities but, you get the idea!

Hands-On Demos for Kinesthetic Learners

Here’s a question that strikes fear in the heart of many PreSales professionals: “Why don’t you share your screen and give me control so I can run the demo?” Yikes! Software companies offer free trials to entice prospects to “try” then “buy.” Nothing wrong with that but, why not enable a potential buyer to succeed with a personalized, self-guided, interactive product experience first? Enter Navattic.

Demos built on the Navattic platform give your prospect, trial customer, or new customer a personalized, interactive product experience. The beauty of these experiences is you can provide them with a sense of the flow of your application, highlight key differentiators, and put them on the road to the successful use of your solution.

Sound Interesting? Remember this…

Automating and personalizing is an essential step in connecting with prospects and customers. However, if your automation contains Demo Crimes like “So What?” and “I Love This Part of my Software,” you’re no closer to winning business. Automation never supplants good technique. For example, use our Tell-Show-Tell technique for every demo topic. Tell them what they are about to see (opening “Tell”) with personalized context to what they told you in Discovery. Next, show the Navattic, personalized solution on a full screen. Finally, deliver the benefit at the end of the sequence (closing “Tell”).

Combine proven 2Win! technique with Navattic’s demo creation platform, and you’ll have a winning formula for your product demos.

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