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Top 5 Video Marketing Stats You Should Know (Via Hubspot)

Top 5 Video Marketing Stats You Should Know (Via Hubspot)


The world of online video has grown tremendously since the internet first came around. While watching twelve seconds of low-res video used to take a solid 20 minutes of buffering and loading, we can now have embedded video content load instantly in an web page. 

While digital video has evolved, so have the tactics used to make the most of it. Businesses all around the world now take advantage of video marketing strategies, and that use is only predicted to grow in the next coming years.

To help you know where your organization stands with its own video marketing strategy, consider the following five mind-blowing facts from HubSpot’s latest roundup of video marketing statistics.

1. Video Content Will Make up 74% of Internet Traffic By the End of the Year

Online video consumption has grown by leaps and bounds, and content creators are struggling to keep up with the demand. 300 hours of video content are uploaded to Youtube every minute, but even this is still not enough. The rise of smartphones and improvements in embedding video into social media and website pages will only cause this proliferation to increase.

Because so much video is being created and so many people are watching it, experts predict that nearly three quarters of data accessed online will be video content by the end of the year.

2. 4 Times as Many Customers Would Rather Watch a Product Video Than Read About It

Sometimes text isn’t always the best way to get your message across, and plenty of consumers would seem to agree, according to the above statistic. The fact that consumers overwhelmingly prefer video content also shows how receptive they are to getting their information through video. Companies that want to increase product awareness and make their messaging more “sticky” can therefore rely on videos to get more clicks.

3. Over 60% of Marketers and SMB Owners Intend to Increase Their Video Marketing Budget This Year

While user-generated video content has had a steady upward climb, spending on video content and digital video ads has truly exploded in recent years. eMarketer predicts that total spend on video ads this year will reach nearly $12 billion in 2017, a 19% increase over the year before.

4. 62% of B2B Marketers Say That Videos Were an Effective Content Marketing Tactic Last Year

The potential for B2C video marketing was quickly realized, but many B2B firms held back thinking fewer professionals would want video content. That assumption turned out to be patently untrue, and as more B2B operations get onboard with video, they are discovering that it is effective at appealing to businesses and consumers alike.

5. Including the Word “Video” In Email Subjects Improves Open Rates by 19% and CTR by 65%

As some businesses struggle with email marketing, those that embrace video found a welcome surprise: video gets email recipients excited and makes them pay attention. Using video can also better-connect email within a multi-channel strategy, making your existing assets work harder for you.

Video Marketing Power Can Also Be Harnessed by Sales Teams

All these stats show us how important video marketing is to your organization’s success, but why should marketing have all the fun? The same benefits can be enjoyed by your sales staff, especially if they use a personalized sales video hosting platform like 2Win! Bridge. Whether for prospecting, nurturing leads or closing deals, video can be the secret weapon your sales team wields to enable sales success.