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Get Over Your Face - Why Personal Video is the New Email

Get Over Your Face - Why Personal Video is the New Email



While email is far from extinct, it is being supplemented, and often replaced, by the much more personal video. In the age of all things digital, it is no longer possible to ignore the impact that personal video messages are having on client relationships, and now, more than ever, you need to polish your video "game" in order to reap the rewards. In addition, it’s time to conquer some of the unfounded fears that keep you from taking your sales game to the next level.  Five minutes spent on LinkedIn or Forbes’ top ten list of influential business people proves very quickly that it’s about content and character, rather than runway ready faces. Potential clients are looking for ethical, meaningful leadership, not the next contestant on America’s Next Top Model. While it is important to look the professional part, it’s most important that your grasp of the sales game, as well as your product, shine through in video presentations. If appearance is an issue, however, rest assured that there are many products on the market to assist you in putting your best business face forward.


Start with these proven techniques:

Prep Your Space

Whether you’re in a studio or just extra office space, make sure that your recording location is best for successful recording from both a sound and lighting standpoint. If you’re not using a lighting kit (and you certainly don’t have to), there are two easy rules to remember: Don’t stand in direct sunlight, as it will wash you out, and don’t allow yourself to be backlit (having your only light come from behind you). Instead, choose lighting that makes contact from three angles for the best effect.

Filter Yourself

If great lighting and an inviting space still don’t put you at ease about what you’re sending out, you will find that many video platforms offer filters or “beauty” settings that will soften what is seen. If you edit from a desktop and are looking for free options, Tech Radar recommends Shotcut and Clipchamp. In addition to filters, there are numerous other options to personalize your videos. OneMob offers Instagram-like filters, and a myriad of other options for a monthly subscription. Also we recommend trying Zoom video conferencing solution if you haven't already,  they also have a beautifying filter.

You’ve Been Framed! (But not really…)

Make sure that you’re not sending your client or potential client a video containing more knees and toes than head and shoulders. Use a tripod (here is one we recommend from amazon) to ensure that what they see when they open your message is the whole package, rather than a portion. You can also simply rest your smartphone on your open laptop.

Best Self Forward

Dress and groom as if you were meeting face to face, and always remember that less is more. Keep your look simple and sleek, sticking to attire without logos or really busy patterns (just say no to paisley). You want your potential clients to focus on the most important thing, which is YOU and your message, not your clothing. In addition, make sure that your clothing doesn’t match too closely with your surroundings, otherwise, you run the risk of resembling a floating head, rather than a whole person.

The Three C’s

If, after all of this this done, you still need a little bit of encouragement to switch to a more personal form of communication, remember that, in the end, it is always more about content and focusing on what we like to call the three C’s:

  • You should MAKE A CONNECTION with your client or potential client, as personal relationships do more to further your cause than most anything else. Connections equal trust, and that is the number one ingredient in any successful partnership.
  • Make sure that your CONTEXT is clear. The message of your video will differ depending on what you hope to accomplish. This is the “why” of the contact, so be sure that your purpose is focused and your explanations precise.
  • Your CALL TO ACTION should end each message, as it dictates what is to come. Tell your client or potential client, in very clear terms, what comes next. Whether that is a face to face meeting or a quick touching base moment by phone, it is imperative that you drive what is to follow.

And finally...

Say Cheese!

The last bit of advice may seem the most simple, but it continues to be the most important. Be yourself! Your facial expressions communicate as much, if not more than, your words. Let your passion and energy shine through your face. Once you master these easy steps, there’s no limit to the success of your video game, or the meaningful and productive relationships built, and continued, through your efforts.

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