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“It’s Not Me, It’s You” — The Importance of Having an Adaptable Sales Pitch

“It’s Not Me, It’s You” — The Importance of Having an Adaptable Sales Pitch
Depositphotos_49232219_l-2015.jpgThere are effective, smart ways to carry people through the sales process, and there are ineffective “wrong” ways to try to get a win/close. But that doesn’t mean that the “right” ways will work 100% of the time.
No matter how great of a job you do during lead nurturing and getting to a close, you won’t always get the same results. People are different! They have different schedules, different priorities, different experiences, and most importantly different elements that trigger a sense of value that brings them towards a win/close for you.
Therefore, you can do everything right and still end up with an “I’ll think about it” result.
Always remember: it’s not you; it’s them. Give them the space to be them, but check back in periodically to see if their situation or perspective has changed. Keep doing the right thing — what you’ve been trained to do — during the sales process. And feel free to keep adapting your approach! Personalize your approach, and try to meet your audience where they are. 
If you remember that people have a different perspective than you and wait around until the right message hits at the right time, you can turn many holdouts into successful sales.

Getting Someone to Buy Is a Big Ask, And It May Not Always Come at the Right Time for Them

Sales pitches must hit people at the right time and right place in their life, and they have to come from the right angle.
Think about it from their perspective: if someone came up to you with an offer for a product, what are the odds that you would jump on it right then? It certainly depends on a lot of things. Even if the product is quote/unquote “perfect” for your needs and situation, you might not be in a mental place where you’re even thinking about it then. You might be managing too much at the current moment, or you might have just come out of a bad meeting.
 You may have the perfect pitch, they just may not be in the mental spot to receive it. What could you do to help prepare them to receive your message?
  • Connect on a personal level to their key motivations - what is it specifically they are trying to accomplish, and why? Show them you understand. 
  • Have an internal advocate confirm the objectives of your meeting with your key target.
  • Even better, send a personal video that conveys this message before your meeting. That way they have an opportunity to get in the mental frame of mind to have a conversation with you. 

Stay Top of Mind by Being Relevant and Offering Value

Remember, its not me, its you. But really it's not about me. It's about you. A successful tailored sales pitch directly connects to your clients motivations in the moment. Where many sellers make go wrong is when they latch on to something they heard weeks ago, and it might have been important the last time you spoke...but remember it's not about me its about you. Things may have changed in the time since you last talked to your prospect. If you find yourself struggling to connect, slow down and consider what might have changed - there may be information you dont know about. If you can figure out what might have changed, you can improve your relevance, and by adapting to the new situation you are able to provide value to what has momentum today. 
Now you are building personal connections, creating a real sense of urgency, and chances are you are going to be at the top of their list. 
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