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Top Apps for B2B Sales Reps

Top Apps for B2B Sales Reps

Depositphotos_132900792_l-2015.jpgSmartphones can actually benefit sales reps when used for productivity and as a way to stay organized and up-to-date on all communications. The key is maximizing the productivity you get out of your smartphone use while minimizing distractions. The top apps for B2B sales reps can facilitate this goal and make you more effective at selling overall.


What are these apps? We couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are seven of our favorites:

LinkedIn Pulse

The LinkedIn Pulse app is free, and it helps you stay on top of the latest postings by thought leaders and those in your business network. Keeping up to date on these posts not only gives you important information and inspiration, it can also help you be more effective at social selling by noticing the current themes and activities of your prospects and clients.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Take a ton of the leg work out of social selling and turn the data found on LinkedIn into actionable insights with Sales Navigator. This app is pricey at $64.99 per month, but its ability to pinpoint new accounts, highlight the best contacts for those accounts, and alert you to key “trigger” moments among clients, like a new product announcement, can be indispensible.


Signing documents can be effortless, efficient and organized thanks to Docusign. Both you and your clients can benefit from a streamlined, all-digital process that foregoes printing out documents and complicated email back-and-forths. As an added bonus, Docusign helps you manage documents easily and send signed documents back to the office automatically.

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce Mobile can provide you with critical data both on the granular account level and as a top-down view of your current sales analytics. Getting all this info on-the-go is even more handy!

If you currently have Salesforce Unlimited for your office, then the full version of Salesforce Mobile is free, but you can also use the limited version for free. Or, you can add on the full version to your current Salesforce plan for a monthly fee.

Google Docs

If you can get in the habit of using cloud-based document programs like Google Docs instead of desktop versions of Microsoft Word, then you never have to worry about not having an important document on hand or whether you emailed yourself the right file.

With Google Drive on your phone or mobile device, you also have your most important documents with you wherever you go for easy sharing and impromptu collaboration.


Momentum does not have any true practical business benefits, but it certainly is relaxing! This app switches out your “new tab” background from a boring, blank white to a relaxing, beautiful scene, and you get a different one every time! This simple change can make your browsing experience more enjoyable and give you an excuse to smile throughout your work day.

HubSpot Sales

The free version of HubSpot Sales can tell you more about who actually opens the emails you send, when they opened it, and whether they followed any of your links. That is some pretty powerful stuff, and similar to how our own sales video hosting platform can help you track analytics that make you a more effective rep while tracking your clients’ progress through the pipeline.

The HubSpot Sales Pro version costs $50 a month, but it can help you automate your sales emails, manage templates and structure a more tailored and efficient journey for your typical client.

What Are Your Top Apps for B2B Sales Reps?

We would love to get your feedback on these apps if you have happened to use them as well as your input on great apps we neglected to mention. Tell us your favorites, and we can follow up with a post on the most popular submissions that you guys recommended!


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