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Demos and Presentations

Presales solution engineer crafting a video using demo automation provided by Consensus and 2Win! Global

3 min read

Crafting Winning Automated Demo Videos: Live vs Demo Video Differences

In the dynamic landscape of sales and customer success, the role of demo presentations has evolved significantly. Today, businesses are realizing the...

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Transforming the Software Demo Landscape with The Consensus and 2Win! Global Partnership

2 min read

Consensus and 2Win! Global Partnership: Revolutionizing Software Demos

In the rapidly evolving world of SaaS, delivering an outstanding buying experience is more crucial than ever. It's with great excitement that we...

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6 min read

The Streisand Effect and Broken Demos

The Streisand Effect is why you should stop telling the audience that your demo is broken, because all you’re doing is drawing more attention to the...

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5 min read

Transforming a Good Demo into a Great Demo

Transforming a good demo into a great demo is key to driving your deals forward. Here are 9 tips to transform your demos.

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8 min read

Embracing Demo Discovery “On-The-Fly”

Discovery “On-The-Fly” is when, for a variety of reasons, you have to run discovery in the same meeting as a demo. In this article, you’ll learn how...

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2 min read

Emotional Resonance in a B2B Environment: How Do We Achieve Resonance With Stakeholders?

Emotional resonance is key to motivate buyers and help them get “across the bridge.” Here’s how to create emotional resonance in a B2B environment.

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5 min read

Tell-Show-Tell: The Most Powerful Demo Technique

Tell-Show-Tell is one of the most powerful techniques a presenter can use in a software demo. This post is a conversation about Tell-Show-Tell...

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Surprise! Can you Demo...

9 min read

Surprise! Can you Demo…

Proper discovery is important for a million reasons, but the one we’re going to focus on today is how discovery dictates what you cover in each demo....

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