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Demofest 2024: Steffen Brettschneider Demo Automation Crimes

Demofest 2024: Steffen Brettschneider Demo Automation Crimes

Who is Steffen Brettschneider

Global Director of Presales Transformation at IFS

Steffen Brettschneider, Global Director of Presales Transformation at IFS, addressed the subject of Demo Automation Crimes at Demofest 2024. Using a case study at IFS,  where they experienced rapid growth but could not increase the number of Presales teams to match the rate of business expansion, he discussed how they leveraged demo automation to handle demo needs.  The journey was filled with obstacles, and Steffen shared insights and pitfalls suffered from their experiences, framing them as "crimes" committed during the implementation process of Demo Automation.

In our presentation at Demofestx West Coast, we discussed how to build a winning automated demo video. Building on Steffen's automated demo crimes, we shared valuable insights on how to create a compelling and effective automated demo video, highlighting best practices and strategies that can help you captivate your audience's attention and drive results.


Demo Automation Crimes

And How to Avoid Them

The Lone Wolf

Steffen stressed the importance of collaboration in the rollout of Demo Automation. One of the most common mistakes is isolating the presales team from other functions like marketing, R&D, and Customer Success Management (CSM). The most effective demo strategies require alignment across departments and commitments from sales leadership on engagement targets. By involving multiple functions and centralizing leadership, organizations can drive better adoption and integration of the demo automation process.

The Intro Flop

In sales and presales, one of the foundations in training is capturing our audience's attention quickly. But often we still see individuals making this mistake. Steffen speaks to the “Intro Flop,” where videos begin with lengthy animations or unnecessary introductions, causing potential loss of viewer interest. The first 6-8 seconds are critical; getting straight to the point ensures higher view rates and engagement. 

At Demofest, Julie Hansen elaborated on the significance of capturing your audience's attention right away. She highlights an unfortunate reality: many sellers invest lots of time and energy into creating videos, only to have most viewers tune out 30% of the way through or sooner.

Julie Hansen's Insights on Mastering Video


The Teenager’s Bedroom

As video content accumulates, navigating can be as chaotic as walking through a teenager’s bedroom. IFS learned the hard way that without proper organization– think name conventions, tagging, and a structured library– sales reps struggle to find and utilize content effectively. A well-organized content library means faster access and greater reuse.

The Missing Face

Generic messages in demo videos fail to resonate. Personalization is key. Steffen urges presales teams to tailor every message which contains a demo video to the specific audience, enhancing viewer engagement and connection, and showing faces. 

The Data Disconnect

Another oversight Steffen discussed was failing to link demo engagement with actual sales data. Integrating demo automation tools with CRM systems helps measure the real impact on sales metrics like booking rates, win rates, and deal velocity, optimizing overall sales performance.

The Process Trap

Lastly, the “Process Trap” involves imposing a rigid sales process on buyers who are not necessarily at the same stage. Steffen advocated for a buyer-centric approach, enabling a smoother and more responsive buying experience while acknowledging the diverse stages of the customer journey.

The Takeaway

Learning From Others

Steffen Brettschneider reminded us that while mistakes are inevitable, many can be avoided by learning from the experiences of others. Demo Automation is common place in modern presales functions, and with the right strategies, its implementation can be significantly smoother. His reflection on past errors provides future guidance to presales teams looking to upgrade their demo automation.

Learn more about demo automation from 2Win and Consensus here. 

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