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10 Tips on Keeping Your Customers Happy

10 Tips on Keeping Your Customers Happy


In sales and presales, we are always focused on the next big prospect, but we should also remember to take the time to check in with our old clients and keep them happy. As the old adage goes: it is far cheaper to hang onto an existing client than to try to replace them with new ones.

The good news is that keeping your past sales successes happy can involve simple strategies, like the following ten tips:

1. Learn Their Preferred Mode of Communication and Use It

Gestures are meaningless if they fail to connect every single time. So, instead of saying “oh, you didn’t get our email?” or “we called your office and no one answered… again!” learn how they want to be contacted, and stick with that method.

2. Check In to See How Things Are Going

Being proactive in terms of communication can come across as a flattering gesture since we all like to be listened to. Give your past clients this delightful experience by contacting them on their preferred communication channel and asking them if they are doing well and are satisfied with their services so far.

3. Give Them a Shoutout

You look forward to receiving referrals from your client, so try to pay that gesture forward by recognizing them on your social media or through any newsletters you send out. Just make sure to take a second and see if your praise aligns with their branding values first.

4. Send Them a Handwritten Card or Gift

Handwritten notes or small, personalized gifts are unexpected and can be quite thrilling to receive. Make sure your gesture feels meaningful, though, so take a second to mull it over first.

5. Get Their Opinion Periodically

Send out client satisfaction surveys, and engage in social listening to hear what people are saying about your brand. If you can respond proactively to concerns or say “thank you” regarding positive mentions, you can appear thoughtful and attentive to ongoing needs.

7. Hold Client Appreciation Events

Hosting events just as a “thank you” to clients can give them a chance to network together while taking a brief load off. It does not even have to be in person; you can send off a round of gifts at the same time along with a themed note to let them know you are taking the time to recognize them and others.

8. Communicate Important Updates

If you are preparing to relaunch a product a client is using or a service you are providing them may change, let them know at least 30 days in advance to prepare. Even if the changes do not affect them, they will appreciate that you took the time to touch base.

8. Stay Open and Honest, and Never Over-Promise

Keep your client’s expectations reasonable and beholden to what you are actually capable of delivering on. Nothing hurts relationships worse than compounding empty promises.

9. Share Things You Think They Would Like

We live in a sea of available content these days, and a lot of times we read something and think, “Oh, so-and-so would love this!” Go ahead and take the time to pass it along to past clients, especially if it is something they could benefit from seeing.

10. Offer Informative Content They Can Use

Content marketing does not just have to focus on nurturing new leads. Instead, try to identify and craft content that your current clients would find valuable to help continue the relationship and keep them engaged with your brand.

Our 2Win! Bridge sales video software provides the perfect channel to share this content since it readily integrates into the rest of your sales and marketing stack. Monitor analytics, suggest the most effective content and control the experience for your current clients to make sure it stays positive.

With these ten tactics, you will have a greater chance of not only keeping current clients happy, but also attracting new ones through positive referrals.

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