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7 Book Recommendations for Sales Leaders

7 Book Recommendations for Sales Leaders

Depositphotos_157115394_l-2015.jpgWe could all stand to read a little more, if for no other reason than the fact that it helps us think more clearly.

With passive forms of entertainment, like browsing online or watching TV, we kind of just let ideas bombard us. We smile and nod, but we are also being spoonfed cause and effect — even if it doesn’t quite make sense. Our brains don’t really notice it because everything is usually presented in a slick format.

But, when it comes to reading, we have to do a little work to follow the writer’s train of thought. We may have to imagine a fictional scenario, or we may have to consider the truth of an assertion. All this brain work helps us think better and take a more active role in our decisions. We also develop more emotional intelligence.

By recognizing all these benefits, the top CEOs all make sure to take the time to read. In fact, most successful CEOs read around four to five books a month!

Start flipping through pages again — and get better at sales at the same time — by digging into these top six book recommendations for sales leaders.


Predictable Revenue — Aaron Ross, Marylou Tyler

Predictable Revenue is a must-read for anyone in SaaS sales. It outlines the business elements most people overlook when it comes to keeping their sales pipeline moving. It also describes best practices used by one of the most successful SaaS solutions ever: Salesforce.


Hacking Sales — Max Altschuler

Work smarter, not harder, while taking advantage of 150 of the best sales tools available. Hacking Sales teaches you how to use technology and smart management practices in order to create a “sales machine” that reliably generates revenue.


The Closer’s Survival Guide — Grant Cardone

If “coffee's for closers,” Grant Cardone must be hopped up all the time! That’s because he has developed a staggeringly huge toolset for getting a deal to the finish line by using vastly different approaches. Many of these tactics help you break out of old habits and gain a new perspective on how to be persuasive while demonstrating the value leads need to see to say “yes.”


The Technology Salesperson’s Handbook — Ken Wax

Many sales “bibles” use approaches that only work for industries that frankly aren’t around anymore. This book is one of the few that really understands sales in the tech world, and how reps for SaaS and tech companies get to a close.


The Fido Factor: How to Get a Leg Up At Work — Krissi Barr

Krissi Barr is a clear lover of canines. Through her observations and diligent research, she saw how some dogs are able to claim alpha status while others remain followers and translated such knowledge into leadership success.

By combining psychology, body language, behavioral control and other methods used by animal trainers and dogs alike, Barr teaches us how to be our own pack leaders while commanding respect from those around us.


Demonstrating to Win by Robert Riefstahl 

The demonstration or presentation of complex products like technology or medical devices is like leading a person over a treacherous ravine. Throughout a demo or presentation, your prospect wants to run back to the relative safety of their existing world. This book will help you comfortably lead your prospect to your solution and make you the best demonstrator and presenter in your field!

Tactics that you will find useful include:
  • Identifying and avoiding Demo Crimes 
  • Winning demo techniques like "Tell-Show-Tell"
  • Building a value case for your solution
  • Managing your audience and reading their personalities 
  • Creating winning themes 
  • Performing differentiating Web demos and presentations 
  • Conducting high value Discoveries 
  • Managing your room environment 
  • Winning teamwork techniques
We are an idea company that has built a deep set of actionable techniques and strategies derived from years of working with the most innovative and successful companies in the world. Our clients include Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Getinge and many others. We adapted the ideas in this book based upon training thousands of highly paid, highly experienced professional demonstrators and presenters in every region of the world thus making it globally applicable and effective. We understand that the very best ideas are judged by their impact, and our clients validate the impact of our concepts through increased sales effectiveness every day. Don't miss out on this opportunity to truly differentiate your products and services.

(Coming Soon!) The Rule of 24 — Dan Conway & Bob Riefstahl

The Rule of 24 recognizes that we have shorter and shorter time frames where there’s an opportunity to persuade someone. We have tiny attention spans these days — mostly from not reading enough! — so sales reps have to know how to make a maximum impact in a little space.

Due for release in December 2017/January 2018, 2Win! Founder Bob Riefstahl & CEO Dan Conway’s The Rule of 24 will provide sales reps in all industries with cutting-edge tactics and tools for the modern era. You can learn how to completely revamp your sales process to be more efficient and attention-getting!

Got a favorite sales book we overlooked? Tell us about your life-changing read in the comments! 


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